Sunday, August 31, 2008

My "new" lamp! We found it in an antique shop for $45.00 I think it is brass and the bead is a very pale milky green. Now I have to get a pattern that I like.......and the ummmm {rhymes with halls} to make a shade. A little cleaning might help. Any one know what cleans brass the best?


I had to add wire support and I will do the top differently next time. But it came out nicely. By that I mean it looks like a fish in a blender. I had to use the beta cause I can't draw a decent goldfish.

This is the knot I have been working on. On the whole the soldering is better and the pieces fit better. The "jewel" in the center is from the Tandy Leather Company. There is a nice selection of celtic "buttons" there. It is my first lead on the outside piece. And I broke not one thing!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is is september yet?

I have been cleaning the work space.... Even started to paint a little. (The basement is dark with dark wood it feels like a dungeon.) I am going to the gun store to buy a Brass cartridge tumbler for making "Beach Glass". Does a gallon at a time just the right size for me. { It tumbles by itself where the small emergency clothes washer from Emergency Essentials holds more motor.} This could work. My suncatcher (stress) is coming along ........Woohoo it actually matches my pattern! Had to change to a Beta because I can't draw a Goldfish. I plan to get busy here soon and get some glass done. I have a Red knot that needs lead around the edges and the center finished off it is a surprise..... I'll show ya later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

I can hardly wait for my evil twin to take over!

Sure she can do my job and I can stay home and play! One can only hope ...right? Oh well, the next projects are a Rose for Rose and Stress. I might do one of the Avea ventilator for Respiratory care week (Coming up in October). Woohoo. Just need time off to play.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gift for a Card's fan

I thought I had it done.....nope broke two green pieces. Took it apart at two opposite points (half of the panel) and fixed it. All back together..... adding the lead to the edges.... won't fit so just a little tap will get it in there CRACK again on opposite sides of the panel ( the other two corners) As for the 3rd time I had all of the lead put on and not sure what happened but As I was polishing the "finished " panel again 2 more broken pieces. So with about 5 minutes of cussing and fussing I sat down to take it apart yet again. But it is finished and sent off. So. In retrospect it has a lot of firsts.... it is my first original design. My first leaded (on the outside) piece. And only the 3rd project ever. I have learned more about lines and function and would re-do some of the line begining and ending points but all in all it was a learning experience and I still have all my hair.
Thought for the day:

Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist.

Hey! everyone else was doing it....

So I started one too. Can't let the kids see my excuse they will never let me live it down. I do stained glass as a hobby/new obsession. I have started drawing my own patterns and I have a beta fish pattern that is not too bad. I'll post it later when I figure out how. My little sun catcher collection is growing... I might do craft faires etc. So far I am playing at this to see how much work it is I might keep it up.