Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gift for a Card's fan

I thought I had it done.....nope broke two green pieces. Took it apart at two opposite points (half of the panel) and fixed it. All back together..... adding the lead to the edges.... won't fit so just a little tap will get it in there CRACK again on opposite sides of the panel ( the other two corners) As for the 3rd time I had all of the lead put on and not sure what happened but As I was polishing the "finished " panel again 2 more broken pieces. So with about 5 minutes of cussing and fussing I sat down to take it apart yet again. But it is finished and sent off. So. In retrospect it has a lot of firsts.... it is my first original design. My first leaded (on the outside) piece. And only the 3rd project ever. I have learned more about lines and function and would re-do some of the line begining and ending points but all in all it was a learning experience and I still have all my hair.

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DESG said...

Hold in there it only can get worse :)
Great blogging colors BTW!