Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Been a while

Wow has it. The world has changed. I have changed. We have all Grown. Hopefully for the better. I am home for a while maybe I will get back to my glass. Maybe I will study. UMMMMM maybe no maybe there......

Got a new job with Baptist Medical Center in Jackson MS. It is beautiful! I love to come early and just enjoy the roses and honeysuckle on the morning breeze. I talked to other traveling workers before I accepted this assignment and have heard nothing but positives! One Nurse said "I would pay to go back there".

My son is getting married in June. I have been in Mississippi for over a year now. My Father is better and he is still capable of driving my Mother nutz! Another positive (depending on who's side you see it from). Well gotta go finish moving back in from the work days. Take care Ya'LL

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